Scrape emails from Instagram (Profilemate), real story!

I purchased Profilemate tool at 2021–02–16.

I just though that I will be able scrape IG users and emails (as advertised).

Here is what is behind all the marketing, real user experience.

You can only scrape limited number of users PER DAY, tool ask you to change IG account you use with the tool so that you can continue to scrape (so be prepared to make ready many warmed IG accounts, if you want to buy them, and pay between 2USD-5USD per account). Even if you do so you are still limited to new user limit. So it is always limited number of users you can scrape per account. If you want to scrape 10.000–50.000 or 100.000 users (which use quite normal to get meaningful amount of data) you have to wait days and most probably weeks.

Software says on the dashboard: “add new accounts to continue scraping or buy Upsell so that you can scrape faster”. So whole app designed to sell you upsells ($49 per month for “100.000” profiles).

So, if you want to use it for scraping either wait for weeks (keep the app open, so you need to invest on a VPS too) or pay $49 per 100.000 profiles on top of what you pay for front end product.

Attention: we have NOT even started to scrape emails LOL.

Assume you go through all the hurdles and managed to scrape some users; you have to MANUALLY copy and paste all scraped users to another section of the app, wait for days to scrape couple of emails and THEN again manually copy/paste user profiles. But can you scrape emails of, lets say, 20.000 users? You guessed it, if you do not pay upsell ($49 per month for 100.000 users) it is dead slow. It took literally days if not weeks to scrape couple of emails (if you have say 20.000 profiles average emails you can find is around 10%: they try to make you believe it is 35%).

Software continuously says on the dashboard (with a moving text as if it is flash news) that you need to buy upsell for faster email scraping.

profilemate scam

There are couple of training videos which is quite poor and trying to sell other upsells and products, and confusing, do you know why? Yes, you guessed it right again, they force you to buy PREMIUM training to really explain how to use the tool.

TLDR: this app is useless if you do not buy upsells continuously for EVERY 100.000 users, and premium training.

I asked for a refund they told me this.

“Our refund policy is 14 days from the initial purchase date. The refund policy is clearly stated on our website. Your initial purchase date is :2021–02–16
Sorry but I cannot issue a refund on any transaction that is outside the 14 days refund period.
Kind Regards
Social Media Mansion Support Team”

Yes, refund policy is 14 days but I would expect a refund as an act of business ethics (my mistake: the app is so slow and useless to get some small nuggets of data, it took me more than 14 days to realize that I am in a Upsell rabbit hole!!!).

I do not want to name any here bu there are so strong alternatives that literally 100x this one with very reasonable price, I wish I would do my homework before paying for this crap.

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